Hi - thanks for visiting my website!

Let me tell you a bit about myself.... I've been an actor since I took a college acting class back in ...well, um, 19-something. I was instantly in love and my passion for my craft hasn't waned. 

I was a geek and a weirdo when I was a kid; I was always different and I was picked on and bullied. I spent a lot of time with books and dreams, and today, I still spend a lot of time with books and dreams. Now, though, I am making my dreams come true. I fell in love with improv - and started with classes at The Groundlings, and I have now graduated from The Second City Conservatory. Improv has really helped sharpen my skills!

Lots of exciting things are happening! I've signed with a great agency, doing lots of self-tapes and writing, writing, writing.

I also teach acting, do audition coaching and self-taping, so feel free to contact me (ms_k_mcintyre@yahoo.com) for rates.


Follow me on Twitter @IAmKateMc1 and Instagram Actor_Kate_McIntyre_ and I promise I'll try to be entertaining and witty and all that. 

Follow your dreams. We have one life - so just ...do it. 

p.s. Did I say that Meryl Streep is my patron saint?