Elyse Cantor as Vivian
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AVAILABLE FOR OPTION - Feature Film Screenplay

Christmas Spirits

                   ...a paranormal Christmas romance


FINALIST:  Wiki: The World's Fastest Screenplay Contest!

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Dan Shaked as Jeremy
Jessi Sampogna as Viola
Kate McIntyre as Molly
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Lisa Cole as Laurie
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A paranormal investigation team has been given permission to investigate a haunted mansion. The tragic spirit of Viola, known as the White Lady, appears to Vivian, one of the investigators, and begs for help. At the risk of their own lives, Vivian and her friends, Jeremy, Molly, Dan and Laurie, a psychic medium, are determined to help the White Lady reunite with her true love Jacob by marrying them before Christmas - or they will all be trapped forever in the House.

Douglas Jung as Jacob
Marshall Thomas.JPG
Marshall Thomas as Dan
Cast for table read:
Elyse Cantor as Vivian; Dan Shaked as Jeremy; Jessi Sampogna as Viola; Douglas Jung as Jacob; Kate McIntyre as Molly; Marshall Thomas as Dan; and Lisa Cole as Laurie Harper.